the nice guys (1)As I was watching the Oscars this year, I saw an odd pair Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe presenting an award, I found these two are coming in a movie together. A few days later I saw the trailer and I knew I will be watching this movie, it looked hilarious. Let me tell you a secret, it’s actually hilarious.


Russel Crowe is one of the best Hollywood has to offer but I was impressed by Gosling more, his comic timing was brilliant and his expressions were just dead on. I would say “The Nice Guys” are fantastic.


TNG_DAY_#03_10282014-193.dngThe Nice Guys is about two detectives played by the lead actors, one wants to do good in the world but isn’t provided with the opportunity other gets the opportunity but just exploits it. The Nice Guys is a comedy-action-mystery movie which has a lot of things going on and all of them converges, in the end, Shane Black almost managed it.


the nice guys (4)I knew Matt Bomer is in this movie and I was just excited to see him after a long time. Gosh, I miss White Collar, why did that show had to end?  That being he just looked like a poor man’s version of Mads Nicholson. This movie is not about any particular theme, I didn’t find any hidden meaning in it and I was okay with it, I just wanted to laugh and that’s what I did for 2 hours straight.



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